Ball Sales & Engineering

We offer SOLUTIONS for all of your bulk material processing and handling equipment needs!

About Us

We are capable in the supply of equipment & solutions in the following areas:

• MATERIAL FLOW AIDES – Vibrators, Air Cannons, and Aeration devices

• PNEUMATIC CONVEYING – Dilute, Semi-Dense, and Dense Phase Equipment and Systems

• MECHANICAL FEEDING & CONVEYING - Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Drag Conveyors

• POLLUTION CONTROL – Dust Collectors, Bin Vents, Scrubbers, and Packed Towers

• PRODUCT FLOW CONTROL – Slide Gates, Diverters, Butterfly and Iris Valves

• SIZE REDUCTION – Hammer Mills, Roller Mills, and Roll Crushers

• VIBRATORY EQUIPMENT – Feeders, Screeners, and Compaction Tables

• DRYERS & COOLERS – Static and Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers and Flash Dryers

• RAILCAR UNLOADING – Bootlifts, Vibrators, Pneumatic and Mechanical Unloading Systems

• MAGNETIC SEPARATION EQUIPMENT – Drawer, Plate, Electro, Spout, and Grate Magnets

• PROCESS MONITORING– Point Level, Continuous Level, Flow Detection, Dust Detection, and Moisture Meters


• MATERIAL DISTRIBUTION AND LOADOUT – Airslides, Loadout Spouts, and Positioners

• MIXING & BLENDING – Ribbon Blenders and Paddlemixers

• CONTAINER FILLING & DISCHARGING – Bulk Bag Fillers/Dischargers, Bag Dump Stations, and Bucket Elevators

• STORAGE VESSELS – Bolted and Welded Silos and Coated Storage Tanks

Please refer to our manufacturers and products page for a complete list of the equipment we have to offer.